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    Kase company, the design and production of professional stainless steel machinery and equipment. Products include meat, rice crackers, candy, fiberglass, chemical fiber, environmental protection and other industries;

    Relying on the strategic alliances of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and years of research and development experience, the company has gathered excellent mechanical manufacturing, process design and automatic control talents. The company's products are well-received and constantly improved, with the advantages of professional, durable, beautiful, intelligent and efficient. Best-selling domestic, exported to the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. At the same time, we can design and manufacture special automation equipment for customers to optimize the process flow and realize the machine generation.

    The main customers include Jushi Group, Shuanghui Group, Yurun Group, Nine-Alliance Group, Jinluo Group, Want Want Food, Midoqi, Guanshengyuan and other well-known domestic enterprises.




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